This unforgettable excursion will take you from the bay of Panama City, on the Pacific ocean, to the paradise islands of the San Blas archipelago, in the caribbean sea, through the dense rainforest of central Panama.


Day 1
In the morning, a road transfer of one hour will bring us on the shores of the Bayano river.
There, we shall board a duggout canoe and start a trip up river that will last 3 hours, trying to spot the abundant fauna linked to the river ecosystem : lots of birds, turtles, spectacled caimans and with a bit of luck, otters and american crocodiles..
After a good picnic, transfer in 4/4 vehicle to Burbayar jungle lodge. Built in the middle of the rainforest, Burbayar is an ideal base for hiking.

Day 2
One full day of nature discovery in the surroundings of Burbayar.
Any amateur birdwatcher, botanist or entomologist will be fascinated... There are also two beautiful waterfalls where we may have the chance of seeing the rare and spectacular harlequin frog ''atelopus varius''.
Day 3
Early in the morning we shall start a 23 km hike, heading north. Depending on your physical shape it will take us less than 6 hours.....or much more !
Most of the walk will be made under the cover of dense vegetation, where tree ferns are particularly abundant.
Don't worry, we shall carry only a little backpack with our picnic and drinking water, most of our luggage following on horseback.
At the end of the path we shall arrive to the river Carti where our Kuna guides will be expecting us. We shall then go downriver on a kuna wooden boat and eventually reach the caribbean sea, the amazing sight of the coral islands in front of us being our best reward !
The San Blas archipelago is part of the Kuna “comarca” where kuna amerindians have been granted an unique status of autonomy.
There are more than 350 islands, most of them desert, about 60 densely populated. You will stay on one of the few islands where little hotels are run by the kunas...
Don't expect the Ritz but the kunas will take you every day to a different island more paradisiac than the precedent, there are great snorkelling spots and the food is excellent ( lots of lobsters ! ).
The arrival to San Blas being the end of our services, you may stay there as long as you want ( you might not actually want to go back..)
There are 20 seats planes leaving San Blas every morning to Panama city, from several little airfields.


a good physical shape is required


going out a beautiful rainforest to discover an eden of coral islands