Depending on your physical capacities and your available time, we can organise expeditions in the thick rainforests of Darien.
Minimum duration would be 5 days, maximum duration would depend upon the previous factors and.....your financial possibilities !


There is a lot to be explored in the territories (comarcas) of the kunas, emberas and wounaans and in the Darien national park.
Transfers shall be done by 4/4 vehicle or/and airplane, progression into the forest on foot or duggout canoes.

Bivouac and hiking conditions can be difficult especially during the rainy season, and your spirits should be able to deal with mud and absence of confort.

Being a member of an expedition also implies your participation to every day tasks such as bivouac set up and meals preparation...

Be also aware that, in spite of all our precautions, accidents can occur.
Considering the difficulty of reaching rapidly the nearest hospital such a decision would be done in case of strict emergency only....

You will probably go through a few hard times during your expedition ,but what else should an explorer expect ? They will be part of a memorable experience that will rank high in your best souvenirs !


from average to very hard


true adventure, a la carte...