Discover the fascinating world of mountain rainforest less than 2 hours from Panama city, in the gorgeous landscape of a huge volcano crater.


“El Valle”, as its name says, is a large volcanic valley just 130 km from Panama City and one of the favourite destinations of wealthy panamenians, thanks to the relatively cool climate.
They have built a few beautiful houses in the immense crater, actually one of America’s widest..
However, the thick rainforest of the volcano's slopes is still rarely travelled, although it has a most interesting flora, particularly rich in ferns, bromelias and orchids.
During the hike you will enjoy a wonderful view on the impresive crater.
The excursion can be complete, until the top of the “Cerro Gaital”(the northern slope of the volcano, alt 1200 m ),or partial, according to your physical shape.. Anyway, it will take at least 3 hours.
Coming back from the hike and after our picnic we shall visit “el Nispero” botanical gardens where you shall see numerous specimens and the local fauna.

We shall be back to Panama City by the end of the afternoon.


a correct physical shape is recommended


the amazing flora of the cerro Gaital