The “camino de cruces” is one of the ancient paths used by the spaniards during colonial times to cross the isthmus of Panama. It was used until 1850, when the Panama railroad was open.


Departure by car or bus from the hotel in the morning.
During our ride we'll leave the Miraflores locks on the left, then the french cemetary, resting place of some of the estimated 22.000 frenchmen who died during the first phase of the Panama canal construction.

About 1/2 hour later we shall reach the entrance of the “camino de cruces”.
The path goes through a wonderfully preserved primary rainforest with some huge trees: giant cashew nut trees (anacardium excelsum),giant kapok trees (ceiba pentandra) and the impressive cuipos (cavanillesia platanifolia),so conspicuous of Panama’s pacific slope rainforests.
A part of the path is still covered with the old spanish pavement..

During the golden times of the colony hundreds of mules used it every day to transport the gold and silver from Peru and Bolivia to be shipped to the mother country of Spain.

The hike lasts more or less 6 hours, depending on your physical condition.
Around noon we will stop for a well deserved rest and picnic.


Monkeys such as white faced capuchins, howler monkeys and the diminutive Geoffroys' tamarin are very frequent sights, together with coatimundis and a lot of birds including tucans, motmots and trogons.
With a little bit of luck you may spot a delicately coloured poison dart frog.

After a short car or bus trip, you'll be back at your hotel in the middle of the afternoon.


A decent physical condition is required to endure the 6 hours hike


A dive in the fascinating world of the rainforest, a bit more than half a hour from the center of Panama city!